Germany extends COVID-19 distancing rules to end of June

Germany has extended social distancing rules aimed at containing the spread of the coronavirus epidemic to June 29, Chancellor Angela Merkel’s …

Germany extends COVID-19 distancing rules to end of June

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BERLIN: Germany has extended aimed at containing the spread the epidemic  29, Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government said on Tuesday (May ).

Up to 10 will be allowed to gather public places but Germans should be contact few people possible, according to the rules agreed between the federal government 16 states.

Merkel’s government had been embroiled in disagreements with the least-affected states, some of which wanted to ditch the measures and open up entirely.

Germany’s virus caseload now tops 179,000 with more than 8,300 – much lower than European counterparts such as Britain, , and Italy.

“This success is mainly based on the fact that the rules on distance and hygiene have been implemented and respected,” the government and the regions said.

However, officials warned that further restrictions could be imposed local outbreaks made them necessary.


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